girlplague is a Montreal-based artist with a heavy focus on collage, found materials/objects, and design. She graduated Niagara College in Ontario for graphic design and illustration in 2011. After freelancing in Toronto for a few years, she moved to Montreal where she currently works as a freelancer and curates exhibitions. You can also catch girlplague in the streets wheatpasting/stickering collage work and digital art in public places.
A big part of my work and inspiration is in found objects and materials. Even when I work digitally, I scan things I find or people give me to add a unique touch to whatever I create. Having a background in design is what gives my work a certain aesthetic. I use the principles of design and gestalt theory for strong compositions and striking imagery. The themes in my work are often based on emotions of living with mental illness, such as loneliness, rejection, depression, anxiety, etc. and are meant to evoke emotion through carefully chosen colour palettes. These themes are relatable for most viewers. 

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